• See failure as a POSITIVE.
  • The more you fail the more you will succeed but that’s only if you are willing to not give up!  
  • Recognise that everything you fail at will be a learning curve which you can then use to develop further!


For example at the beginning of building my platform, I failed at connecting and engaging with my target audience. For me to fail at this it made me think of other ways I could improve it.  After researching, I found that my audience would engage with relatable quotes and educational posts which I now implement in my content.

postive thinking = postive outcome


Do not overwhelm yourself by focusing on your main goal! You will need to set out small goals, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.

It is so important to celebrate the small goals that you achieve. Without these small goals you will not achieve your overall goal.  


Personally I would have a main goal for the month. I would then split it into daily goals varying from 3-5. So if my main goal this month was to focus on Brand awareness, every day I would do small goals that would help me reach my main goal.

When ticking off your goals you feel a sense of achievement. If I don’t complete a goal for that day then I would move it to the top of my list the next day.

 Writing down goals

I try and do my goals everyday. Sometimes I do forget  but I definitely can feel the difference in terms of the structure throughout the day.  


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